Erotic Massages and Dark Fantasies

Sensual massages and bizarre erotic massage in Munich-Giesing

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Welcome to my kingdom of the senses and let the world wait a while!

Get to know me, my Munich charme and my philosophy of the pleasurable erotic massage de luxe, which gives you relaxation wellbeing on the high level. You determine the balance between wellness and erotic massage.


You give yourself into trained and experienced hands and can indulge completely to your feelings. In addition, an atmospheric ambience in my studio provides a special flair with the sensual massage.

The Art of Massages

Those who get involved in the millennia-proven art of massages, will soon discover, how the body and mind immerses itself, in an undreamt feeling of happiness. The muscels are relaxed and sensibility is sensitized on a high level.

For my hot oil massages I also like to include aromatherapy.

With my knowledge as a welltrained wellness therapist, it is my passion to see an erotic massage as a scenery, gently building up a suspence and ending in sparkling fireworks.

With bizarre elements in a sensual erotic massage, the price starts depending on the effort.

  • Erotic massages
  • Full body massages
  • Bizarre massages
  • Wellness Tantra massages
  • Tantra Bizarre massages
  • Tantric BDSM Massage
  • Massage with sensory whitdrawal

Sensual and dominant massages

Are you also a lover of inzinse, luxeriuos and ecstatic devotion in a bizarre massage and at the same time looking for a sensual-relaxing atmosphere?

Or you looking for a new opulent sensory perceptions and want to be introduced to the world of bizarre?


Lust and pain

You want to feel more intinse, experienc the sweet pain, for example with spanking or intense nipple treatment? For this I have different instruments available. Mindful, I awaken special sensory impressions. The sophisticated play with pampering items and the inclusion of elements of classical massage charakterize this form of special body work.

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." William Blake

Latex or leather

The exciting senct of latex, paint of leather will rob your senses?

Let me seduce you in my body-enhancing clothes and make your dreams come true.


For a bookin, you should call at least two hours in advance. With pleasure, als by email for a reservation in advance.

In the morning, I can rarely give appointments and only with a days reservation in advance.

In the evenings and on weekends an appointment can be given with a shot notice.


I am delighted about your interest.



Tel: +49 176 - 25 40 20 22

Appontment only after an eary arrangment.

Not by SMS

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